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I have visited Tallinn already several times with my Audi which has been serviced in Forss OÜ. The service that I have got has been excellent and that is why I am looking for a workshop for my BMW also in Tallinn. I am planning to start a M3 project where a e36 M3 would be converted into a race car. This project would include following kind of tasks:

- fitting safety bars, new cup seat and belts
- upgrading of brakes
- Engine service

I know there is BMW official workshop, but is there kind of motorsport workshop or other kind of place where is some knowledge for BMW and possible even M3 tuning?

Timing for this project is coming winter period so that I and the car would be ready for 2011 season! :)

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Ask from user Silwer. He did quite similar upgrade for his E30 and can probably advice you.

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as a fellow M3 owner i can only say one thing.


Eero Pesur is probably the biggest expert of BMW "M" engines and cars in the Baltic region.

send me a PM if you need exact details.

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The hole pacage with REASONABLE price- -

Rallyengineering Mr. Einar Laipaik.

They weld certified cages, can handle brakes aswell as M engines and other. from Laitse Rally Park

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Also There is Dr. Eiki Lill from Aamann Racing. Specializes in trackcar building from zero to turnkey. He and Pesur Motorsport are I think the only one who can deliver quality and intresting solutions
Audimehe kohta suht normaalne BMW huviline: E30 323I `88, E46 320D `01, E46 330XD, E36 320 ´93, E46 320 `03 ja ega see järgmine kisub ka sinnapoole

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