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Weekie: Sachs SRE clutch lineup -10 %

Sachs SRE clutches has been very popular item in this spring so lets put the entire Sachs SRE clutch lineup - 10 %.


Sachs SRE as in Sachs Race Engineering is the same German quality as OE Sachs parts, but made for competition and tuning purposes. The range covers clutches for almost all European and Asian models in organic and sintered kits. SRE is a German brand and it shows. They are among the very few brands that list an actual torque cap in Nm to all of their kits and you can find this info in our website as well. Most common Sachs SRE products are in our own stock and in matter of fact more SRE is coming in next week.

All Sachs SRE clutches.
»» Sachs SRE Clutches

And the most popular clutch covers:
»» Sachs SRE 763, 765, 707, 645 ja 785 clutch covers

Other news this week


We have lots of Race.fi products in our warehouse, including dumps, short shifters and hoodlocks!

»» Plenty of Race.Fi products in stock


In this week we got a huge amount of Magnaflow catalysators in our stock and now we can offer even faster delivery for these products.

»» Lots of Magnaflow katalysators in stock

Have a nice weekend! Race.fi / Riku

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Postitusi: 182
Liitunud: 04.01.2011 12:02 12
Asukoht: Suomi/Finland

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Davies Craig electric water pumps -10 % on weekly

Polar bears have finally disappeared from the Helsinki streets, so we're pretty sure summer has finally arrived. Lets put the Davies Craig electric water pumps on promo this time!


An electric water pump can be installed as a booster in-line with the original pump, or more commonly as a full replacement by either removing the belt & emptying the original pump or installing a block-off plate.

The definite benefit of an electric pump is it's set rate of flow, meaning the pumped amount is just correct from idle rpm to redline conditions. A traditional pump will spin way more than needed in cars which frequently see high rpm's.

A separate controller is also available. The controller has a temp sensor and runs the pump at the needed speeds ensuring a quick reach to operating temperatures and avoiding so-called overcooling.

Checkout the DC pumps here:
»» Davies Craig electric water pumps

»» All cooling parts in our webshop

Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Wille

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